MDFT Publications

The MDFT research program includes over three decades of published papers on outcomes, treatment retention, implementation & fidelity, developmental research, and many other topics. An overview of MDFT scientific studies and their associated publications can be found here.

Treatment Outcomes >>
MDFT's efficacy has been demonstrated in several randomized clinical trials - the gold standard for behavioral health research - and other experimental studies. Studies are arranged by treatment outcome.


Implementation Outcome Studies >>
Studies examining the success and cost of MDFT implementation in various treatment settings and geographical locales, as well as therapeutic engagement and retention with MDFT youth and families.


Intervention Summaries & Guides >>
Developmental studies, model overviews, and special clinical topics such as HIV-STD risk reduction, culturally specific engagement, trauma, relapse, and many others.


International Research >>
Non-English publications and results from the International Cannabis Need for Treatment (INCANT) study, which examined MDFT efficacy and implementation across five European countries.


Study Populations & Settings of MDFT Randomized Clinical Trials (RCTs)