Instructions for Uploading MDFT Fidelity Videos via ShareFile

  1. Log the session in the MDFT Clinical Portal. This can be done in the Portal under Therapist Tab > Therapist Name > Supervision.

  2. Give the video file(s) a descriptive name. Including the supervisor's name and date of session or the rating ID from the portal is best. To change a file name on a PC computer, right click the file and click 'Rename'. On a Mac computer, simply select the file and hit the Return key.

  3. On the Sharefile upload page, which is linked below, enter the name, email, and agency of the supervisor whose session is being submitted. If you are uploading a session on someone else's behalf, do not enter your own information.

  4. On the next page, select the correct recipient name from the drop-down menu. Then simply click 'Browse Files' to select the video file(s) for upload.

Having trouble uploading? Click here for Sharefile troubleshooting.