Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT)

Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT) provides broad, comprehensive treatment and is a proven program for turning teen behavior around and placing the whole family on a healthier life trajectory.

With a 25-year record of effective outcomes, MDFT has proven to be more cost-effective than residential treatment and many traditional outpatient treatments. Our trainers assist you in implementing MDFT, including advising you on hiring the best staff for MDFT and devising a plan to offer MDFT in the culture and structure of your agency.

MDFT Case Study: Meet James

When Mrs. Jackson, a single mother living in poverty, requested help from the court system for her son James, 17 years old and still in the ninth grade, she was very concerned about his truancy, missing curfew, disrespecting her at home, and involvement with drugs. She had not bargained for everything that was involved in MDFT, or what would be needed to help change her son's life. Read more >>

"MDFT gives adolescents a voice"
MDFT from a Teenager's Perspective